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Main Menu and its Settings

The first six buttons of Locus Map's main menu can be set according to your needs (similarly to the Functions Panels):

  • open the Main menu
  • long tap any of the first six main buttons
  • select another function from the portfolio and tap it
  • the button shortcut has been changed

Another part of the Main Menu can be displayed by the More functions button. By default, this section contains all features and functions Locus Map provides which can be a bit too complex for somebody - it is possible to activate only those buttons of features you are going to use and others deactivate. It's simple:

  • tap button in the upper bar
  • active buttons are blue - by tapping you can deactivate them - they turn red
  • confirm by button
  • the red-highlighted buttons disappeared from the menu > more

The settings can be changed any time - turn the red buttons into blue and activate them back.

Locus Store

This link leads to Locus Store where you can download maps, graphics and additional features. The button is not editable.

Web services

This button leads to third-party Web services linked to Locus, providing additional content -,, ikiMap and


Locus World

This part contains links to various areas connected with Locus regarding promotion, support, general information etc.:

  • Recommend Locus Map - if you like Locus Map, tell your friends about it here and get some LoCoins as reward
  • News - RSS-fed screen with latest news from Locus Map blog
  • About application/Support - app credentials, changelog, support links etc.
  • Addons - a list of all available add-ons cooperating with Locus Map. Checked addons are actually installed on your device.
  • Co-apps - a list of all available cooperating third party applications. Checked co-apps are actually installed on your device.
  • Exit - turns Locus Map off. Not visible when fullscreen mode is off.

The last part of the menu is Do you like Locus section where you can recommend Locus on your social networks or rate it on Google Play.

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