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Main Menu and its Settings

The first six buttons of Locus Map's main menu can be set according to your needs (similarly to the Functions Panels):

  • open the Main menu
  • long tap any of the first six main buttons
  • select another function from the portfolio and tap it
  • the button shortcut has been changed

More functions ->

By default, this section contains all features and functions Locus Map provides which can be a bit too complex for somebody - it is possible to activate only those buttons of features you are going to use and others deactivate. It's simple:

  • tap button in the upper bar
  • active buttons are blue - by tapping you can deactivate them - they turn red
  • confirm by button
  • the red-highlighted buttons disappeared from the menu > more functions

The settings can be changed any time - turn the red buttons into blue and activate them back.

Rest of the menu is not configurable:

Locus Store

  • leads to Locus Store where you can download maps, graphics and additional features.

About App/Support

This section sums up all information regarding Locus Map as application. Here you can



  • turns Locus Map off. Active only in fullscreen mode.
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