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With GPSies you can view and download tracks that have been recorded by a GPS device. Whether you are searching for running courses or Mountain Bike tracks, with GPSies you can see which tracks others have recorded. And you can download them all and import them into your Locus Map so you can use them for navigation. And it's free!

Where can I found GPSies in Locus?

GPSies is among other supported web services - in main Menu. In order to use this service you have to be registered in it.


  • Menu > Web services > GPSies
  • login to
  • search for tracks, export your own tracks to or check your GPSies offline database in Locus Map

Gpsies > Search

There are several options of setting the track search filter:

  • Text search - type any text to search in track names and descriptions
  • Activity - define which activity should be the track for - hiking, running, cycling…
  • Radius - define area around your GPS position (if your GPS is fixed and position centered) or around the map cursor (when your position is not centered)
  • Track type - select among all, one-way and round trip
  • Track length - define minimum and maximum length of searched track in km
  • Ownership - define ownership of searched tracks
  • All tracks
  • Only my tracks - if you want to display only routes/tracks you defined/recorded yourself
  • Only my private tracks - if you want to display only routes/tracks that you defined/recorded and did not publish
  • tap Search button
  • a list of tracks appears - each track info contains the track name, elevation profile (can be enlarged by tapping), length, date of origin, elevation gain (both + and -), track shape indicator (round track, A→B track…), download and preview buttons

Track import/download

  • tap the download button at the track
  • a popup asks if you want to download the track as a map item or import into your track database
    • if you selected download the button changes into a delete button and the preview button in a map - tap it to display the track on the map
    • if you selected import, Locus asks what folder the track should be imported into and then it goes on the same way as in case of any data import

Managing GPSies tracks in Locus Map

Map items

If you selected to download a GPSies rack (not import), it can be found in Map items in a special GPSies folder. The red-highlighted tracks are visible on map. The tracks can be imported into core Locus track database or deleted.

Tracks manager

If you imported the track, it appears in the folder of the Track manager you defined during the import. As such can be handled as all your other personal tracks and routes.

Track export

You can also export your own tracks via this interface:

  • tap Export in GPSies menu
  • select a track in your Locus database
  • define the activity (hiking, running, cycling…)
  • define privacy - public or private track
  • tap Export

Tracks can be exported to directly from the Locus Map tracks tab as is described in track export chapter.

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