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Moving Locus to another phone or tablet

You have purchased a new mobile or tablet. Follow the instructions on how to move Locus Map, its settings and all its data (maps, tracks, points) safely into the new device:


Step 1. - backup

Make full backup of your settings, points, and tracks

Back up your maps

  • open Locus map manager > offline tab
  • backup all maps that could be lost when the app is uninstalled (especially the raster maps purchased from commercial publishers) to Dropbox or Google Drive.

You don't have to back up LoMaps. These can be re-download from Locus Store for free.

Step 2. - installation

  • install the latest version of Locus Map to the new device
  • start Locus Map on your new device

Step 3. - restore your data

  • open Dropbox or Google Drive where you backupped the maps and copy the map files to Locus/Maps directory (or wherever else you need - you can add them to Locus as externals)
  • re-download LoMaps from Locus Store
  • go to Backup manager and restore settings, points and tracks from the cloud
  • restart Locus Map so that all the backups are properly re-initialized
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