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Backup Manager

We strongly recommend backing up your Locus data - tracks, routes, points, and settings. This tool enables the definition of periodic automatic backups and triggers manual one-time backups.

Automatic backup

… saves Locus data periodically to Locus/backup/auto directory and optionally to Dropbox or Google Drive. How to set it up:

  1. Enable automatic backup
  2. set what you want to backup - the default is all:
  3. Set repetition frequency, number of stored backups and backup to cloud (optional but strongly recommended):

Backup to cloud

Automatically backs up selected Locus data to your selected directory at Dropbox or Google Drive:

  • enable the option
  • select your favorite cloud drive
  • log in and allow access for Locus Map
  • select/create a folder for the backup files and confirm:
  • Attached media (photos, videos…) are not backed up
  • Maps are not backed up this way. They are automatically backed up on our servers, some third-party maps are backed up a different way.
  • Xiaomi devices with MIUI 12+ - make sure you have “MIUI optimizations” turned ON in system settings > developer options

Manual backup

Saves a single backup file with Locus data to Locus/backup/ directory (it can be changed in settings > Backup & File system > File system manager > Set custom sub-directories). The file name is by default the time stamp but it can be changed.

  1. set what you want to backup (the same selection as with the automatic backup)
  2. set backup to cloud (optionally, the same way as with the automatic backup)

Restore from backup

  • select storage where the backup file is stored:
  • select the backup file. It starts downloading and then its content is analyzed
  • you are prompted to select what content of the package you want to restore:
  • restart Locus Map

Restore from backup overwrites all related data. Keep this in mind, especially regarding your tracks, routes and points.

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