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Store Full of Maps, Routes, POIs, Features and Graphics

Locus Store is the place where you can get content for Locus Map. Content is provided either by us, Asamm Software, or by our partners - map providers, guides or developers. There are five main categories:

  • Maps
  • Routes
  • Points of Interest
  • Features
  • Graphics

Some products in Locus Store are available for FREE, some are paid. All purchases in Locus Store are paid by our internal virtual currency - LoCoins. This currency can be bought in your Locus Store User Profile and the transaction is processed via Google Play Store or Amazon.

How do I get there?

Locus Main Menu

This way you get to the general Store screen where you can select among all products:

Map manager - online tab

This way you get directly to the selection of online maps:

Map manager - offline tab

This way you get directly to the selection of offline maps:

How to shop in the Store?

1. Get LoCoins

Login to My Locus profile

Buying LoCoins and purchasing products in Locus Store requires identification of the user - customer. You can log in My Locus profile with:

  • some of your Google accounts
  • your Facebook account
  • an email - you will be prompted to define a password and a confirmation URL is sent to your mailbox. After confirming it you are registered and you can log in.

A few words about privacy...

We retain this login information on our server until you withdraw your consent. If you have purchased paid content in Locus Store, we will store your login information for a period of 3 years, corresponding to the duration of your purchase contract claims.

Buy LoCoins

2. Find what you need


  • you can browse regions
  • you can browse products on an overview map
  • you can browse product lines or providers
  • you can browse routes
  • you can browse points of interest
  • you can browse graphics
  • you can browse features

Filter products

3. Purchase and download

Purchasing and downloading requires login to My Locus profile (if you did not do so when purchasing LoCoins)

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