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Moving Locus to another phone or tablet

You have purchased a new mobile or tablet. Follow the instructions how to move Locus into the new device and continue using all the data and settings:


Step 1. - backup

  • make full backup of your settings, points and tracks with the help of Backup feature > select Backup all
  • back up entire Locus directory (e.g. storage/emulated/0/Locus) to a PC or Dropbox etc.
  • back up your external maps and vector maps stored out of the main Locus directory to a PC or Dropbox etc.

Step 2. - copy data

  • copy the entire Locus directory from PC (Dropbox etc.) to the inner memory of your new device
  • copy your external maps and vector maps to the new device (inner memory or external SD)

Step 3. - installation

  • install the latest version of Locus Map to the new device
  • start Locus Map on your new device
  • use Backup feature to restore settings, points and tracks
  • define paths to your external maps by Map manager > Add external maps
  • define path to your vector maps in Settings > Miscellaneous > Default directories > Set mapsVector directory

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