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Disappearing maps, points and tracks


From time to time, some users complain that their Locus data mysteriously disappeared. Most often, they noticed that after their system update, after restarting the phone, and of course, after the factory reset.


Memory cleaner

99,9% of these users are owners of Xiaomi od Huawei/Honor phones and tablets. The one and only cause of disappearing Locus data in these devices is a very aggressive memory cleaning software, part of MIUI or EMUI operating platforms running on these devices.

Factory reset

Locus Map in its default settings stores its data in the internal memory of the phone or tablet. During the factory reset, the inner memory is completely wiped out. Together with your precious Locus data.


Exclude Locus Map from memory cleaning

When your Xiaomi or Huawei alerts you that they desperately need memory cleaning, please, be careful. In some devices/OS versions, it is possible to exclude Locus Map from memory cleaning:

  • run memory cleaner once
  • if Locus Map is marked as an app to be cleaned, hold finger on it and then select to exclude Locus Map from the process

Other devices don't offer this option so you have to exclude Locus from cleaning each time manually - unfold all categories in the cleaning list and uncheck all boxes containing Locus Map.

Never allow fully automatic memory cleaning!!

Back up tracks, points and maps to a cloud

We strongly recommend making backups of your data outside of your phone or tablet. Tracks, points, settings and also downloaded maps can be backed up to a cloud (Dropbox/Google Drive) in Locus:

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