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Recording Profiles Settings

Tracks are recorded in Locus within a particular recording profile which is a set of parameters defining various aspects of the recording. Settings of these parameters can be accessed from:

  • Locus settings > Track recording > particular recording profile
  • slide-out track recording control panel > Track recording settings > particular recording profile
    * bottom track recording control panel > Track recording settings > particular recording profile

In these settings you can edit an already created profile. If you want to add a new one, go up one level in the settings hierarchy (settings > track recording).

Title - recording profile activity

Recording profile activity is set by default and cannot be changed. If you need a profile with an activity that is not set by default, you have to create a new recording profile

  • Name - insert name of the profile
  • Preferred folder - select which folder will be used for storing recorded tracks from this profile. Default is Last used. If you need a new folder, please go to the track manager first.
  • Auto-save after stop - check to save recorded tracks automatically into the preferred folder immediately after the recording is stopped. Option is active only when other than Last used folder is selected.
  • Remove this profile - deletes current profile,


  • Distance interval - sets distance between recorded trackpoints. The slower movement, the shorter the distance should be.
  • Time interval - sets time period between recording two trackpoints. The slower movement, the longer the period should be.
  • Trackpoint recording conditions - defines method of trackpoint recording based on distance and time intervals:
    • Distance AND time - both intervals at once trigger trackpoint recording - smoother line but less accurate
    • Distance OR time - one of the intervals triggers trackpoint recording - very accurate but a lot of trackpoints recorded
  • Required GPS accuracy - sets maximum acceptable range of GPS accuracy for recording trackpoints
  • Record only when moving - track recording is running only provided Locus Map detects movement of the device. If not, the recording is paused.

    Sometimes, location indicator is moving on map even when speed is 0 m/s. That is caused by post-processing of raw GPS data in the device and insufficient amount of data. By enabling this feature, Locus Map stores only correct trackpoints.

  • Record when GPS is off - track recording proceeds even if the GPS signal is out, e.g. in buildings. Location is acquired by wifi and mobile networks and can be approximate only.

    “Accuracy” of such a recording can oscillate kilometers from your real location or such recording can be stopped due to low value in the Required accuracy parameter.

Style on map

  • Track recording line style - launches a dialog with line style settings - color, mode, pattern, width etc.
  • Display only part of track on map - limits number of visible trackpoints of actually recorded track. Recommended for long or frequent routes. Too long recording (too many trackpoints) may slow down the display of maps.
  • Displayed track part length - defines number of visible recorded trackpoints on map in order to secure smooth running of the app

Advanced settings

  • Audio coach auto start - defines a audio coach scheme to be started simultaneously with the track recording
  • Automatic export - sets automatic export of recorded track to a file or web service. The setting dialog is the same as in the Track export except of a new button - Set - that confirms the export selection
  • Connected hardware auto-start - here you can define bluetooth or ANT+ devices connected to the phone that should be started simultaneously with the track recording
  • Live tracking auto-start - defines a Live tracking event to be launched simultaneously with the track recording
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