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LoPoints (BETA)

This function is not fully developed yet.

LoPoints are dynamic points of interest displayed on LoMaps. Each point contains additional information - e.g. opening hours, WWW, phone number etc. LoPoints can be navigated to, guided to similarly as Locus user points.

The database is based on OpenStreetMap data and is an integral part of LoMaps. It can be displayed on the maps but also browsed and searched.

LoPoints screen

  • Menu > More functions > LoPoints (BETA)
  • topbar
    • - when particular points are selected, the button changes and displays a number of them on the map. Tapping this removes highlighting of selected points on the map.
    • - with this, all LoMaps POIs on the map can be displayed or hidden
  • LoMaps file - select a file with the POI database. It is identical to the LoMaps file. It is possible to select one file only.
  • Points around - displays a list of all nearest points across all folders around your current position or position of the center cursor
  • Search - full-text search of POI. Entering the first few characters returns results that can be further refined.
  • list of POI categories - Accommodation, Financial&Post services, Culture&Tourism, Public services, Hiking&Cycling, Nature, Emergency&Health, Places of Worship, Food&Drink, Shopping, Sport leisure, Car services, Transportation


LoPoints database consists of several categories, e.g. Accommodation, Financial&Post services, Culture&Tourism etc. Each category is sub-divided into subcategories and also contains a special parameter “around” that allows browsing points around the current location of the user.

Points in a selected category can be highlighted on map by tapping in topbar (showing also number of points in the selected category):

When you tap a particular point its detail info screen opens. All points in categories are always sorted by distance from the map screen cursor (or from the user's location if the device is GPS fixed and the map centered).

It is not possible to export LoPoints. Only a highlighted display is allowed.

Full-text search of names and keywords. E.g. keyword “pub” returns all points with “pub” in their name, description or amenity.


LoPoints can be deactivated - hidden on the map. Tap in the topbar and uncheck Display on map.

LoPoints database (mapname.osm.db) can be used only when a corresponding LoMap map file ( is present in /mapsVector/ directory. If the map file is removed (e.g. due to saving space for use of other map) the POI file cannot be initialized.

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