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Points & Tracks

Menu > Settings > Maps > Points & Tracks


Tap on point

Sets default action after tapping a point on the map:

Points popup content

Sets the behavior and content of the point information window.

Basic setting:

  • Never - points window appears only after tapping the point
  • On hover - points window appears when the map is shifted over the point with the center cross
  • Always - always visible point labels

Basic setting also switches altitude value display on/off.

Available context menu items:

  • Navigate to, Guide to, Compass, Edit, Hide, Delete

Geocaching items:

  • Hint, Load all waypoints, Log your visit

New point default location

When creating a new user point on map, use one of following default methods of location:

  • GPS fixed position - creates point on actual GPS position of the user
  • Map screen center - creates a new point at actual position of the cursor in the middle of the map screen

Map icons size

Sets size of icons on the map from 50 to 300% of a normal size.


Tap on track

Sets default action after tapping a track:

  • Popup - a small information label popping right above the track, more info here >>
  • Screen - whole screen window with all information about the track, more info here >>
  • Edit mode - a small label plus bottombar with editing options

Track pop-up content

Sets a label at a track starting point:

  • Do not show - starting point is without label
  • Simple - label shows only date/time of start
  • Complex - label shows date/time of start, distance passed, total positive and negative elevation

And available items in the track popup window - trackpoint No., display on chart, track detail, edit, edit on map, navigation/guidance, hide and delete

Track icons

Defines start/stop icons of visible tracks:

  • No symbol
  • Dot
  • Icon

Track color and transparency

Basic setting of color and transparency of all tracks and routes globally for the whole app. There are two color selection modes - basic and advanced.

Track width

Basic setting of width of all tracks and routes in pixels globally for the whole app.

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