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Advanced features

Increase map resolution

Enables to display map with higher resolution. Tap Enable and move the slider to adjust the resolution you see on the preview window. It displays the map around position of your map cursor.

Map shading

Locus Map Pro only

Enables additional shading of map based on publicly available online elevation files.

  • Select which maps you want to shade - online, personal or vector maps (or all).
  • Types of shading:
    • Hill shading - classic mimicking illumination by the sun:

    • Slopes - highlighting slopes of >30°, >35°, >40 (light orange, orange, dark orange) - useful for skialpinists, backcountry skiers etc.:

    • Colored elevation - elevation levels are differed by colors (e.g. lowlands are green, mountains brown). This setting offers several color themes by continental orographic profile: Global, Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe:

      You can get your own color schemes by defining custom elevation color palettes >>

It is important to download altitude data before using this function, see tutorial here >>

Map color mode

Enables adjusting colors of active map:

  • Night mode - inverts colors of displayed map. It is possible to change map color automatically (based on daily time).
  • Low contrast - decreases contrast of displayed maps
  • High contrast - increases contrast of displayed maps

Speed auto-zoom

If enabled Locus changes map zoom automatically depending on current speed. The faster the movement, the smaller zoom is displayed and vice versa:

  • slow motion - bigger and more detailed zoom is displayed
  • fast motion - smaller and less detailed zoom is displayed

This function is useful also when being guided to a point - beginning with 2000 m from the target it switches to auto zooming according to distance - the closer the target is the bigger zoom is displayed.

Locus allows to customize default auto-zoom settings - you can change speed for a zoom level, you can delete auto-zoom levels or add new ones:

  • change zoom in the map preview box
  • insert speed
  • tap ADD
  • tap to delete an auto-zoom level
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