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Map Items Activating

Activating a map item means above all displaying it on the map. There are two categories of map items activation:

Temporary activation

There are several options:

  • tappingon the item line in folder - the icon changes to but you are not moved back to the map screen - you stay to activate more items
  • tapping map preview box in the map item detail screen - this brings you directly to the main screen with the item centered on the map
  • tapping in the map item detail screen- the icon changes to and you stay in the map item detail screen.

Re-tapping reverses this procedure - the map item is hidden.

Some items can be temporarily activated also by an ordinary importwith the option Only display checked. All temporarily activated objects can be removed by the Hide temp map items in the Map items topbar menu.

Active items can be browsed in Active items part of the Content panel. You can clearly view what items are loaded, browse their folders and you can easily change their opacity by selecting and moving the slider. More info >>

Permanent import

Select Import from the item action menu:

Locus Map screens the imported file and designs the import dialog according to its content - points, tracks or both. Then the process goes on like in the points or track import and imported objects appear on the map and in the folder structure of point resp. track tabs of the Data manager.

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