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Guidance Settings


Guidance panel

Sets display of an additional panel with information about the point, its distance and direction etc.:
The panel is ON by default.



Next routepoint distance

Sets the distance at which Locus Map switches guidance to a next following routepoint.

Notification of the next turn

Settings of type of alert of approaching direction change - beep, sound or TTS.

"Out of route" notification

Notifies user of leaving the route. Tapping the item displays a dialog to set the alert distance, notification repetition and sound settings. Settings are the same as for Navigation.

Advanced settings

  • Strict route following - depending on the route shape Locus Map automatically selects routepoints that are closer than the pre-set distance. This option switches this automation off and Locus guides along the track strictly from point to point - suitable e.g. for sailing.
  • Frequency of alerts - defines number of alerts of direction changes on the track: low - medium - high
  • Notify on every routepoint - starts continuous notification of accurate following the track. Applies only for tracks without navigation waypoints, e.g. when sailing, flying or sea-kayaking.

Style on map

Line/text color

Sets the color of guiding lines (arrows) and texts (distance, azimuth)

Line size

Changes % size of guiding line from 10% to 1000%

Value above guiding line

Defines the parameter displaying above the guiding line:

You can select distance, bearing, time to target, elevation or ETA&time to target

Value below guiding line

Defines the parameter displaying below the guiding line:

The same selection as above

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