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Add-Ons, Cooperating Apps and Web Services

Add-ons are mini-applications that add more features to Locus Map. Add-ons are not functional without installed Locus. Some of them are created directly by the Locus developer but great majority comes from independent devs.

}===== Asamm Software Add-Ons =====

  * {{:manual:user_guide:ic_launcher_hdpi_72.png?nolink&30| Munzee

Add-Ons of Other Developers

Asamm Software is not responsible for functioning, non-functioning, updates nor any damage caused by these add-ons. Their list is informative only and may differ from the actual offer.

Geocaching add-ons from other developers

Cooperating Apps

Cooperating apps are autonomous applications that can exchange some data with Locus. All of them are created by independent developers.

Geocaching co-apps

Web services

Web services are WWW sites that directly cooperate with Locus - exchange data with it and can be controlled within the app. Web services are accessible from Main Menu.

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