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Other Geocaching Add-Ons


There are a few Add-ons from developers out of Asamm Software that greatly cooperate with the core application. Some of them are referred to in the Import of Geocaches chapter as they deal with easy downloading of geocaches. This article is dedicated to those making the geocaching experience with Locus Map even better.

Asamm Software is not responsible for functioning, updates nor any damage caused by these add-ons. Their list is informative only and incomplete and may vary.

Field Notes


Many geocachers welcome the possibility to log their findings directly in terrain. Field Notes provide solution for cases when there is no internet connection to log online. It offers simple and intuitive interface for work with existing field notes (logs), creating new ones, for mass logging via Locus Map etc.

Instructions for use

  • How to create a new field note:
    • display a geocache's main menu > Log visit > Store offline
    • select type of log (Found it, Didn't find it…), insert comment, attach images etc.
    • Confirm
    • the field note appears in the Existing (local) field notes list

For even quicker logging pre-fill the logging dialog in Settings > Geocaching.

  • Editing field notes
    • Open FieldNotes (Menu > More functions > FieldNotes)
    • Tap a field note from the list
    • Add a shortcut from a predefined list (1 - can be edited in add-on settings)
    • Add a smiley from a predefined list (2)
    • mark the geocache as favorite (3)
    • Confirm
  • Managing field notes
    • Open FieldNotes (Menu > More functions > FieldNotes)
    • check the field notes you want to manage
    • select from the topbar menu: export, sorting options, multi-select options, make settings.

Field Notes add-on offers even more functions, e.g. more log templates, voice logging etc. The functions are available after purchasing Field Notes unlocker in Locus Store.

Multi Cache Solver


A useful tool for paperless geocaching helps calculate variables and formulas in multi- and mystery caches.

Instructions for use

Simply open the cache in the addon, mark the formulas in the description and the solver will find the used variables and will calculate your next waypoints. It automatically submits the new coordinates to Locus so you do not need to enter them by hand yourself.

New Cache Point

This simple addon for Locus Map enables creating a new Geocaching Point with GC code. Typical use:

  • when you are making betatest
  • when you find a geocache accidentally
  • when you go geocaching without caches imported in your device and you want to log this cache via Field Notes etc.

Satellite Images

This addon enables downloading static Google satellite map images for geocaches. It allows to select image resolution, format and zoom levels for downloaded maps. Maps are stored in “Images” tab of a geocache detail screen.

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