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Error during initializing Locus after installation

Basic information

Locus initialization after installation consists of several processes:

  • downloading of additional libraries
  • validating of Locus Map's purchase state

There are rare situations when a problem occurs, nevertheless, we want to collect the most frequent ones and suggest possible solutions for them. When an error happens an orange box with two error numbers pops up. In most cases only the first number is relevant.

Error number



  • background data for Google Play application are deactivated
  • activate background data. See how >>

1151 - 1155


  • response from Google server is not signed correctly. It's required to have an original Google Play application. Not any of its available modifications.
  • installation of Locus may be damaged if you restored data by some backup manager like GoBackup or other right after the installation. Solution is not to restore Locus data this way but use rather Backup manager right after install.
  • some users also reported that problems with license may be caused by application Lucky Patcher. Remove this application during downloading the data files.
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