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Locus Map for older Android versions


I would like to install your app but I have a device with older Android version that is not supported by current Locus Map available in Google Play Store.


Beginning with 2.14.0. version Locus Map is not compatible with Android 2.1 and older. Similarly, from the version 3.6.0. Locus Map does not support Androids 2.2.x and 2.3.x. Etc. Etc. The reason for this incompatibility is permanent development of Locus application and the Android itself as well. Some functions simply cannot be developed for older Android devices.

Some of our users have devices with older Androids, they paid for Locus Pro and they want to continue using the application. Or, they want to use our app and stay with their old Android version. The solution is to install one of the latest Locus Map versions that supports their version of Android.

The only disadvantage of this solution is impossibility of upgrading to a higher Locus version.


If you have not purchased Locus Map Pro license yet, please do so in the web version of the Google Play Store - the license validation will work for the old Locus Map version as well.

  • enable installation from other sources than Google Play Store in your device (usually in settings > security or device management)
  • download .APK file supported by your Android version and install:

Android 2.1 and older

Android 2.2.x and 2.3.x

3.5.3._free.apk(15,4 MB)

3.5.3._pro.apk (15,3 MB)

Android PIT AppStore - necessary for Android PIT customers who want to use Locus 3.5.3 (last functional for Android PIT). Android PIT store was terminated in 2014.

Up to Android 4.0.2

3.15.3_free.apk (18,5 MB)

3.15.3._pro.apk (18,2 MB)

Up to Android 4.0.4.

Newer Locus Map versions

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