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Older versions of Locus Map


  • I would like to install your app but I have a device with older Android version that is not supported by current Locus Map available in Google Play Store.
  • some new feature in the latest Locus Map runs slowly (or not at all) on my phone - I'd like to downgrade


The reason for this incompatibility is the permanent development of Locus application and the Android itself as well. Some functions simply cannot be developed for older Android devices.

The solution is to install the latest Locus Map version that supports your version of Android.


If you have not purchased Locus Map Classic/Pro license yet, please do so in the Google Play Store in an Android emulator on your PC, running Android higher than 5.0 (e.g. Bluestacks) - the license validation will work for the old Locus Map version as well.

  • enable installation from other sources than Google Play Store in your device (usually in settings > security or device management)
  • download .APK file supported by your Android version and install:

Latest Locus Map versions

Android 4.4.4. - 4.1.

3.37.2_free.apk (23,8 MB)

3.37.2_pro.apk (23,2 MB)

Android 4.0.4.- 4.0.3.

Android 4.0.2. - 2.4

3.15.3_free.apk (18,5 MB)

3.15.3._pro.apk (18,2 MB)

Android 2.3.x - 2.2.x

3.5.3._free.apk(15,4 MB)

3.5.3._pro.apk (15,3 MB)

Android 2.1 and older

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