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How to get offline maps into my Locus Map?

Perfect offline maps to start with are our LoMaps. They are very accurate, detailed and memory space-friendly, they cover the whole World and first three you can take for free as a gift from us. You can find them in Locus Store.

  • Main menu button Maps manager offers three categories of maps in three tabs - Online, Offline and WMS - select Offline
  • In the Offline tab - tap and select Offline maps download:
  • Before you can proceed you are prompted to sign in My Locus profile.
  • Select one of your accounts - Google or Facebook:
  • Welcome to Locus Store! Select a continent…
  • …a country…
  • …a LoMap:
  • …and download it:
    After downloading three free LoMaps you will be asked for purchasing others for LoCoins - our virtual currency.

  • The LoMap emerges in the Offline map tab - enjoy!

    Locus can also download online maps - detailed instruction can be found here >>

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