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Route Planning with BRouter

An alternative method of planning a route, using passage via points and forbidden nogo points. The method does not use Locus Map default Add new route function but rather Quick point feature.

It is necessary to have BRouter application installed and its database downloaded and up-to-date


  1. create a new folder named BRouter in your Points tab.
  2. define new quick points that will be used for defining the route to the BRouter folder - from, to, via[x] (“x” for order number) and nogo[x] (“x” for nogo distance in meters). Syntax must be accurate or BRouter will not detect the points. It is recommended to set the Quick point button to one of Function panels
  3. set BRouter button to one of Function panels as well (Add link to app…)
  4. place your route points in the map - from → via → nogo → etc. → to.
  5. tap BRouter button
  6. your route appears in Map items as brouter<N>.gpx file. Tap it to import into the map.

See video tutorial

The video displays obsolete Locus UI

BRouter provides also web-based route planning at if you prefer more comfortable interface and large screen to draw routes on. Then the route can be imported into Locus Map via GPX, KML or CSV file.

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