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Points & Tracks Settings


Tap on point

Sets default action after tapping a point on the map:

Point label content

Basic settings

Labels on map:

  • Never - label appears only after tapping the point
  • On hover - label appears when the cursor is moved over the point:
  • Always - label permanently visible:

Elevation value - elevation on the location of the point:
(based on offline elevation data)

Context menu

Available switches:

  • Details, Navigate to, Guide to, Compass, Edit, Hide, Delete

Geocaching switches:

  • Parent cache, Hint, Load all waypoints, Log your visit

Enable POI grouping

Displays a group symbol in higher map zooms on places with high density of selected points of interest for better map readability:

New point default location

When creating a new user point on map, use one of following default methods of location:

  • GPS fixed position - creates point on actual GPS position of the user
  • Map screen center - creates point at actual position of the cursor in the middle of the map screen

Check POI duplicates

Allows to prevent importing identical points of interest, including geocaches. You can select if to check all imported caches or only caches in selected folders.

Point icon size

Sets size of icons on the map from 50 to 300% of a normal size:


Tap on track

Sets default action after tapping a track:

  • Popup - an information label popping under the tapped track/route point:
    more info here >>
  • Screen - whole screen opens with all information about the track/route:
    more info here >>

Track label content

Basic settings

Labels on map - sets type of the label at a track starting point:

  • Do not show - starting point is without label
  • Simple - label shows only date/time of start:
  • Complex - label shows date/time of start, route/track length, total positive and negative elevation:

Distance to GPS, recorded time - more optional values

Context menu

Trackpoint (particular spot on track) switches:

  • trackpoint number, show on elevation chart

Track switches:

  • track detail, analyzer (stats and charts), edit (name etc.), modify track, navigation/guidance, hide and delete

Track start/end icons

Select graphic symbols at start/stop of active tracks:

  • No symbol
  • Dot
  • Icon

Track line style

Default graphic settings of all tracks and routes across the whole app. More info >>

Ovewrite exported data

Allow to overwrite files that have been already exported.

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