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Quick New Point

This function is available in Locus Map Pro only


Quick new point is designed for situations when you need to add more similar points at once or repeatedly during a time period.

Create a new point definition

Before adding a quick point it is necessary to define it - point definition enables easy sorting points into logical groups:

  • Menu > More > Quick new point > ….. button
  • Name of the definition - optional, can be left empty
  • Storage - either a point folder - can be used already existing or created a new one - or the quick point can be saved as a part of track recording
  • Icon & Name - points can have its designated icon (otherwise the will inherit the folder icon). The name can include special parameters (tap ….. button):
    • name {c} - inserts a counter of points in folder
    • name {c1} - inserts any increasing number
    • name {t} - inserts a time stamp
    • name {text} - enables inserting editable text before saving
  • Description - optional description of point

Adding a new quickpoint

  • Center your position or shift the map screen center cross to the position where you want to place the point.
  • Call Quick new point function - Menu > More > Quick new point and tap on a previously created point definition

It is very handy to place the Quick new point button into the function panel >>

Organizing definitions

It is possible to edit, move or delete quick point definitions:

  • Long-tap the definition icon and select from popup menu of actions
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