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Quick New Point


Quick new point is designed for situations when you need to add more similar points at once or repeatedly during a time period.

1. Define a new quick point

Before adding a quick point it is necessary to define it - point definition enables easy sorting points into logical groups:

  • Menu > More functions > Quick new point >
  • a new quick point definition dialog opens:
  • Name of the definition - optional, can be left empty
  • Storage - either a point folder - can be used already existing or created a new one - or the quick point can be saved as a part of track recording
  • Icon & Name - points can have its designated icon (otherwise the will inherit the folder icon). The name can include special parameters (tap button):
    • name {c} - inserts a counter of points in folder
    • name {c1} - inserts any increasing number
    • name {t} - inserts a time stamp
    • name {text} - enables inserting editable text before saving
  • Description - optional description of point

2. Add quick points on map

  • Center your position or shift the map screen center cross to the position where you want to place the point.
  • Call Quick new point function - Menu > More functions > Quick new point and tap on a previously created point definition

It is very handy to place the Quick new point button into the function panel >>

Organizing definitions

It is possible to edit, move or delete quick point definitions:

  • Long-tap the definition icon and select from popup menu of actions:
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