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You know the situation when you park your car in a vast parking lot in front of a mall or in a stuffed city center. Then you do your weekly shopping or a business meeting and with an overloaded shopping cart start looking for the place you saw your tin buddy on last time. Locus Map offers help - pinpoints your car GPS location, adds a geotagged photo and even notices you when your parking ticket is about to expire!

Parking Dialog

Dialog is divided into two tabs:

Basic tab

  • Location - GPS coordinates of your car. You can edit them by various methods of the Location Selector
  • Parked at - date and time of your parking (current time is default)
  • Parking hours - interval of your parking ticket
  • Description - option to type a few words about your parking place
  • Parking photo - option to take a photo of your parking place

Notification tab

When your parking ticket or allowed parking interval is about to expire, Locus Map can notify you - check Play alarm option.

  • Settings of sound
    • Disable - all sounds are disabled, notification is made by the device screen and vibrator only
    • Beep - notification by a beeping sound. It is possible to set number of beeps (1-10)
    • Choose sound - select any sound stored in your device memory

Tap Play to check your sound settings.

  • Settings of vibration - visible only when the device is equipped by a vibrator (mainly mobile phones)
    • Disable - the device does not vibrate on notifications
    • Pattern - sets notification vibrating pattern, using three symbols: '.' for 200 miliseconds vibration, '-' for 500 miliseconds vibration and ' ' (space) for 500 miliseconds of silence.

Tap Play to check your vibration settings.

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