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Augmented Reality Add-On

Use of this add-on is limited to one minute in Locus Map Free. It is fully functional in Locus Map Pro version.


  • download from Google Play
  • Add-on enables visualization of selected points on the device screen with camera view. Useful during town sightseeing tours, for geocaching or for simple guidance to any point.
  • After installation it can be launched from Menu > More > Augmented Reality

Instructions of Use

The add-on displays only points that are added on map via Points tab or LoMaps POI function, not POI database that is a part of LoMaps.

  • start the add-on and watch your points hover on the camera screen on their real-world positions.
  • tap any point to display its name. Tap again for details (augmented reality add-on is closed by it)
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