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Update when both Locus Map 4 and Locus Map Classic are installed

Older Android versions enabled sharing of the main app directory between Locus Map 4 and Locus Map Classic (former Pro). This is no longer possible due to the recent changes in the Android file system - each app can use only its own private folder.

  • Install and initialize the update of one of the Locuses
  • Accept the offer to change its main directory:
  • The app detects the other one and warns of the possible loss of access to the data of the other app after the transfer
  • Select one of the available private folders into which the data will be transferred
  • After the transfer, restart the updated app

What happens to the other app?

It is left without the original data but you can copy the data from the updated app back.

  • Update the second app
  • Open Settings > Miscellaneous > Default directories > Load Locus Map (Pro) data
  • Select and confirm the app directory which content will be copied
  • Select Copy from the two options
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