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Error during installation of Locus Map from Google Play


I would like to install Locus Free or Pro from the Google Play, but it either cannot be installed at all or the installation is not successfully finished.


There may be several reasons for this. In the first place, it is important what you see on the app page at Google Play Store before the installation. If Device is not compatible or Install:

Device is not compatible

Locus is compatible with almost all devices running Android operation system beginning with 4.0.3. If you still can not install due to incompatibility, please contact us via email and inform us about the type of your device.

Known incompatible devices

  • Asus Memopad running on Android 4.4 (older ROMs work OK, a newer one has not been released)
  • Asus Fonepad running on 4.4 (newer 5.0 works OK)


If you tap (click) on the Install button, yet the installation does not start, the Google Play will probably notify you about the error number. In this case, it is a temporary error on the Google Play and the following procedure may help:

  • Delete the temporary memory of the Google Play application (Menu > Settings > Application Manager > Google Play Store > Clear data)
  • Uninstall the older version of Locus
  • Restart the device
  • Try to install the application from the Google Play again

It may happen that after tapping Install, the installation begins but in a short while it stops with error number again. This is probably an error on the Google Play. In this case, follow the same procedure mentioned above.

List of common error codes

Error - 24


  • With help of your phone file manager try to find /data/data directory
  • Find package name of Locus application
    • Locus Map Classic
    • Locus Map 4
  • Delete package name file
  • Try to install Locus application again

Error - 25

This error occurs usually in some Xiaomi devices, e.g. Redmi 1S. Sometimes the installation does not execute without any reason or error message, sometimes the built-in Xiaomi antivirus app flags Locus as infected and the installation is aborted. :!: Of course Locus Map contains no viruses :!:


Xiaomi suggests following procedure (works only in 90% cases):

  1. deactivate the antivirus app (Optimization center > Antivirus > settings > uncheck installation monitoring)
  2. go to Applications > Security Guard and wipe all app data
  3. install Locus Map
  4. activate the antivirus app. Beware! After automatic update the Security Guard uninstalls Locus Map without warning.

Another method:

  1. go to Settings > Privacy > Device administration > uncheck Verify apps
  2. re-install Locus Map

Method for rooted devices:

  1. backup the com.securitycore.miui_t1.0
  2. uninstall com.securitycore.miui_t1.0
  3. download and install Locus from Google Play store

According to our users' experience a few other ways work as well:

  • factory reset of the device
  • re-installation of Google Play Store application
  • removing Google account and adding it back

Error - 26

This error is concerning Xiaomi again but this has nothing to do with Play Store. Error -26 is related to MIUI's package manager and translates to INSTALL_FAILED_SYSTEM_INCOMPATIBLE. So, it is MIUI who is preventing the install. Somehow MIUI thinks that the apk is incompatible.


  • try to downgrade your MIUI to the version that did not block Locus Map installation
  • block automatic updating of your MIUI
  • wait for a new version that hopefully will be fixed
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