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Locus Map on BlackBerry

Users of BlackBerry devices can use some Android apps provided they have 10.2.1. and newer version of their OS. Actually using Android apps was possible even before but with many necessary workaround steps. Nowadays it is much simpler - Android apps can be downloaded from Amazon megastore

Locus Map is available at

Both versions of Locus Map, i.e. Locus Map Free and Locus Map Pro (since 2016/06/27) are available at and can be downloaded by Amazon Store application.


Locus Map updates are free and can be also downloaded via Amazon app.

Locus Store access

Locus Store can be accessed after login to My Locus profile. You can use your Google or Facebook login credentials.

Payment refund

Users who purchased Locus Map Pro in Google Play Store and want to obtain updates via Amazon Store must purchase Locus Map Pro at Amazon too. Their Google Play purchase can be refunded if the period from the Google Play transaction to Amazon transaction is shorter than a year and they provide receipt of the Amazon transaction to Locus sales team.

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