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Locus data on external SD card

Android 11+

In November 2021, Google launched a new file management system in Android 11 and the following versions, bringing a major change to the way Locus Map and other applications handle their data:

  • by default, the app has a full read/write access to its PRIVATE FOLDER in /Android/data/ system directory (either in the internal storage or in the external storage - removable SD card)

Android 5 - 10

  • Locus Map installs itself in the root of the internal storage of your device. During the installation, the default directory structure “/Locus/..” is created there.

If you want to free as much space in the inner storage as possible and keep a reasonable performance of the app, this is the best solution. Keep the main directory /Locus/ in its default location and move the following sub-directories to the app private folder (/Android/data/ on the external SD card:

  • /Maps/ - raster maps
  • /MapsOnline/ - definition files, temp data of online maps
  • /geocaching/ - user images, spoilers, HTML listings, offlinized data etc.
  • /MapsVector/ - vector maps, e.g. LoMaps or OpenAndroMaps (slightly slower on SD card - we prefer to keep it in the internal storage)
  • /SRTM/ - offline elevation dat
  • /Backup/ - ZIP files with backup of tracks, routes, points and settings


Map files can also be stored in this directory on the SD card.

  • raster map files in /Android/Media/ directory
  • vector map files in /Android/Media/ directory

The app loads them to the Map manager after the restart.

Themes of vector maps must remain in the default Locus/MapsVector/_themes directory. Otherwise the app doesn't load them.

Locus and all its data on SD card

Every app on Android has its own private folder on the external SD card which is writable only for this app and as such can be used as the only storage space for the app. However, in case of Locus Map, we do NOT recommend it, because:

  • Locus Map performance on SD card is slower than in the inner storage
  • External SD cards get easily malfunctioned and you can lose all your maps/tracks/points data

Anyway, if you decide to use this option, follow these steps >>

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