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Where can I download Locus Map?

Google Play Store

Obviously, as an android user you've got familiarized with Google Play Store and that's the primary place where you can fetch your Locus Map. Here's how we recommend to proceed:

Test it for free!

Buy full version!

  • if you liked the free version and want to have more, download Locus Map Pro >>>
  • enjoy full featured application without limits.

Amazon Appstore

For those who don't favor Google and its services, we offer another place where you can get Locus Map - and it is the only chance for BlackBerry users: Amazon Appstore.

Get both the free version there:

And also the full Locus Map Pro:


  • Google and Amazon accounts are not connected so purchase on one of them can't be swapped or otherwise transferred to the other. Whatsmore, Amazon policy of All Sales Final means no refunds in case you want to return the purchased app (Google provides up to a one-year money-back guarantee)
  • Amazon, unfortunately, recently stopped supporting some devices

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