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Where can I download Locus Map?

Google Play Store

Obviously as an android user you've got familiarised with Google Play Store and that's the first place where you can fetch your Locus Map.

1. TEST IT! - download Locus Map Free >>>
Try all basic features Locus offers for free!

2. BUY IT! - download Locus Map Pro >>>
Enjoy full featured application without limits.


Amazon is another store where you can get Locus Map - and it is the only chance for BlackBerry users! The application that provides Amazon-processed downloads/purchases of Android apps is called Amazon Underground and is available here >>

Web links to our apps on Amazon:

Payment refund

Users who purchased Locus Map Pro in Google Play Store and want to obtain updates via Amazon Store must purchase Locus Map Pro at Amazon too. Their Google Play purchase can be refunded if the period from the Google Play transaction to Amazon transaction is shorter than a year and they provide receipt of the Amazon transaction to Locus sales team.

Samsung Apps Store

If you're a proud owner of a Samsung device, try the Samsung Apps Store (Free version only).

When you download your desired travel mate and proceed with installation, don't switch off your internet connection, Locus Map needs to communicate online with its servers before its start.

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