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How can Locus Map help me with finding Geocaches?

What's geocaching?

Geocaching has become a worldwide favourite outdoor game and Locus Map is one of the officially certified Geocaching apps.

Locus Map can show you geocaches on the map, navigate you to the cache, display listing, images, logs, it also allows you to log your own findings directly from the app without need to visit website. And many more, as you can see in the Geocaching chapter.

How to get geocaches into Locus Map?

The easiest way is via the Geocaching4Locus addon which you can quickly install for free from the Google Play Store.

Once it's done, touch and hold the place on the map where you'd like to see geocaches around. It's the same as with placing a point of interest. When a label with address appears tap it to unfold:

Select icon. Choose Nearest caches.

Locus Map will ask how many caches you want to download…

… and after the download where to place them. Use either an existing folder or make a new one to import the caches in.

Then you'll be asked for your login and that's it, geocaches are scattered around the map. Tap them to display their details, to start navigation to them etc.

More about geocaching with Locus Map can be found here >>

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