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Public Intents

Basic information

Android Intent is mechanism through which applications in Android communicate. Almost every information that one application wants to send to another is distributed via Intent. But the Intent may also be used to start some action, e.g. to notify about some change and many other tasks.

How to

Locus Map currently supports a few actions that may help you control Locus from different applications. If you want to create more complex system and you're familiar with Android developing, we suggest to use Locus API integrated into your own program.

Otherwise, use Tasker or any other application, and use definitions below:

Track record

To control track recording, use Actions below. All actions have to be used as Broadcast intent.

Start recording
Additional parameters
  • Item Ability to set recording profile
    • value: String, name of profile

Pause recording

Stop recording
Additional parameters
  • Ability to save track automatically without asking for additional details
    • value: boolean, true/false value, default false

Add waypoint
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