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Add-on is ready, what next?

Firstly, congratulations!


Re-use existing base icon for Locus is recommended.

All icons are available in sample application. Available sizes are for mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi and also big 512×512 icon.

Bottom left corner is ready for styling, so feel free to re-use it and update it.

Icon is available for Locus add-ons only.

Information in Locus

Add-on may be added into list of add-ons directly in Locus Map application.

For this we need:

  • icon 64×64 px
  • name of add-on
  • short description. Keep it up to around 150 chars.
  • package name of your add-on
  • starting point - activity with LAUNCHER category

With these information we may add your add-on to the list directly in Locus Map application

Information on Google Play

… and other possible Stores.

In the end of your text (listing), add

  • Add-on for application Locus Map

Because this text is searched directly from Locus when users search for more add-ons!


Our Facebook, Google+, Blog on homepage are ready to write something nice about your work!

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