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How to convert a picture to sqlite.db

Basic information

Type: Tutorial - How to convert scanned maps (jgp, bmp, gif, tif, png)
Author: nervusvagus
Forum link:
What you need:
- Mapc2Mapc from (This tutorial is based on V

- Your (scanned) map picture

- Coordinates - needed for calibration (you can use some online services, like Webservices to see your needed coordinates)

How to

load picture

Start Mapc2Mapc and load your picture:
FileLoad image for calibrationFrom Map Coordinates [1]
Map Calibration Settings > select Latitude / Longitude (plate carree) > and WGS 84 > Next [2]

calibrate image

After this the map file is loaded - ready for calibration.

Choose a point that is easily recognizable on the image map file and find the same place (e.g) in GoogleMaps. Enter the coordinates in the dialog box for entering coordinates.

After doing this 3 to 4 times you can Click to finish and the map is calibrated. [3]

To adjust the position of a calibration point (red cross), right-click it. [4]

Now we are ready to save

create map

File > Write Map for Mobile device [5]
And in the Mobile Atlas selection choose under Select atlas the option Locus/RMAPS/Galileo sqlite.db > OK [6]

The Mobile Atlas Tile Selections screens will be open now.
Here you can de/activate some white/useless tiles. Un/check your tiles and press OK for each zoomlevel [7].

After last zoom level the map will begin saving.
The map will be saved as picturefilename.sqlitedb file inside the same folder as the picture.

use it in Locus Map

Copy now your created map to ..Locus/maps/..

Or you can place this file anywhere in your sdcard on your phone.
In order to access it:
Main menu > Maps > Offline maps and add the directory to be scanned for the map file.


red crosses

Firstly, suggest to test working demo version if this fits your needs.

The demo version of mapc2mapc will replace some of your map tiles with red crosses:

In case you are satisfied we suggest to buy full version.
Thanks to this, Locus Map Classic user will get 10% discount of this product. Read more >>









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