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Locus Map Free Beta version testing


As all other mobile or PC applications also Locus Map needs testing and feedback before releasing a new version with new functions and features. Therefore there are so called Beta versions pre-released on which these new functions and features are tested by developers and helpful users as well. These Beta versions are public and they are free.

What can Beta version do?

Locus Map Free Beta version is almost fully functional as the Locus Map Pro version (except track recording widget) for a limited time period (see comparison of the two versions >>). It obviously contains also functions and features that cannot be found in previous versions of the app and, if the testing proves false, will not be found there in future. In rare cases it can contain bugs or be unstable.

Locus Map Free Beta version replaces your own installed Locus Map Free. No data (maps, tracks, points etc.) are lost. It does not influence Locus Map Pro - both applications can be installed simultaneously on the same device. However - they share the same data - maps, tracks, points etc.

What to do to become a tester?

  1. go to your Google Play Store account and find Locus Map Free page
  2. click and confirm the Beta-testing invitation link >> that is available on the page provided you have already installed Locus Map Free at least once
  3. after the confirmation, re-install Locus Map Free from Google Play. When a Beta version is released, your Locus Map Free will be in Beta version. When there is no Beta available, Locus Map Free is provided in a “normal” version.
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