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New Online Map Providers

Basic information

As a provider you can add your maps permanently into Locus Map application. To make it happen we need the information below from you. Feel free to contact us if you have some specific conditions. We have already tried implementing paid access based on subscription on your own side, paid downloading by single tiles etc. There are many options and it is up to you which to select, just tell us.

What we need to know:

Provider information

  • Map name - the main visible map label
  • Provider name - name of you as a provider. The map will be sorted in list by this name and also more maps (with various names) will be grouped under the same provider
  • Provider icon - the best choice is a semi-transparent 96x96px PNG image
  • Attribution - map credits that appear at bottom of the map screen

General map information

  • Usage (type) - for what purposes it is best to use your map
  • Countries - definition of the area covered by your map
  • Description - html formatted description that appears on the map detail page

Parameters for access to map tiles

  • server URL
  • tile size (width / height)
  • used map projection and datum
  • special parameters - if generated URL has some special parameters like more than one server (so server is selected at random etc.), generated access key etc., all is possible.

Parameters for online access

  • ability to cache tiles - yes/no
  • number of threads that may download simultaneously
  • time (number of days) how long tiles can me cached

Parameters for offline access

  • ability to download tiles (store for offline) - yes/no
  • number of threads that may download simultaneously
  • number of tiles that may be downloaded per day

This list contains only major possible parameters. If you are interested in some special cases, contact us >>.

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