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Data Import


  • Menu > More > Data Import

Data import is used when you want to work with tracks and points from external sources - websites, file folders, databases, applications, add-ons etc. This function is a general place where to start importing. Otherwise there are many other spots where the import can be launched from, depending on the content you want to import - points or tracks.

Locus Map file manager

When selecting the Data Import function, Locus Map opens a file manager window displaying three tabs where to choose files to import. Importable files are in full color and are clickable. More about supported formats see in points/tracks dedicated import chapters.

  • Local file tab - directory structure of your device memory. Importable files are usually stored in SDCARD folder.
  • Dropbox tab - directory structure of your Dropbox folder
  • Remote file tab - contains socket for inserting URL of a remote file stored in an Internet repository (Rapidshare, Mega, Mediafire etc.)

Import dialog

After selecting the file Locus Map analyses it and modifies the import dialog according to the content - the dialog can process points or tracks or both of them at once.

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