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Corrupted SQLite Database Repair

SQLite databases on Android devices are very stable by definition. However, we have an experience that databases can be corrupted. This may be due to wrong closing the database or killing Locus app. The result is that Locus Map is not able open the map file or map deletes itself. Luckily sometimes it is possible to repair such a corrupted database.

How to

Following steps require working with the command line.

  • Copy corrupted map file (sqlite database) from your device to PC
  • Download sqlite-shell from
  • Unpack it and place corrupted database file into the same directory as sqlite3.exe
  • Start cmd and navigate to the directory with map file
  • Run
echo .dump | sqlite3.exe name_of_map.sqlitedb > name_of_map_dump.sql
  • and then
sqlite3.exe -init name_of_map_dump.sql name_of_map_fixed.sqlitedb
  • Try to import the fixed map
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