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A few words about the protection of personal data

Before you go out with Locus for the first hike or ride, we want you to know that Locus Map needs some of your personal information for its operation. Its use is subject to your consent under the EU Parliamentary and EU Council (2016/679 - GDPR) Regulations.

So what does Locus Map need?

1) Information about your location

  • to display your current or last fixed location on a map in your mobile or tablet. Locus gets this information from sensors in your mobile device and stores it in the application only while it is running. With location data, you know where you are and what track you have made.
  • to display your current or last targeted position with Live Tracking - real-time location sharing. You choose if to share your location with all other Locus users and worldwide at or with a selected group of people only (only on their mobile devices). You are notified of Live Tracking being active by a rotating arrow icon on your screen status bar.
  • to offer maps of your immediate surroundings to you both in the app and in Locus Store, so that you don't have to be bothered by looking for them

2) Username, email, and photo

  • so that you get the benefits of My Locus - using Live Tracking, and managing your purchases, downloads, and updates in Locus Store.

Live Tracking - for others to better identify you, Locus shows your user name and profile photo (or other avatar) on map in app and on live tracking website. This information is displayed only when Live Tracking is active and is kept in memory only for the time you have Locus installed on your mobile. If you do not want to display your real name with your location, you can replace it with a nickname.

Locus Store - we need identification data to conclude the purchase agreement. If you have purchased paid content on Locus Store, we will process your identification and contact information for a period of 3 years, corresponding to the duration of your purchase contract claims. By the so-called profiling, we will estimate your preferences from your shopping history and show to you more relevant offers on Locus Store accordingly.

You sign in to My Locus profile by email and it's also possible using your Google or Facebook account. Email and data from your profile on Google or Facebook, including your profile photo, are stored on our server until you withdraw your consent.

3) Fitness data - height, weight, age, sex and heart rate

  • based on this data, we calculate body mass index and calorie consumption so that you can monitor your performance in sporting activities. Depending on this, you can set up your workouts correctly and efficiently.

Fitness data are kept in the Locus folder on your mobile or tablet until you delete the folder.

So, that's all. Personal data subject to your consent will be deposited for the entire duration of this consent until its possible revocation, without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing based on consent prior to its withdrawal. The Personal Information Manager is Asamm Software, s.r.o., company ID: 24225321, with its registered office at Krhanická 719/25, Kamýk, 142 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic.

If you are over 16 years old and agree to processing the data, check the “I agree” checkbox at Locus Map start. According to GDPR you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time, just write to us at

Otherwise, check the box “I don't agree”. Unfortunately, Locus Map can't run without your consent, so it will end.

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