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Consent with the processing of personal data

To meet the requirements of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter the “GDPR”), we are obliged to ask you for your consent with the processing of your personal data required by this application. The following form will allow you to express or to refuse your consent with the processing of your personal data and to select purposes for which your personal data will be processed. The personal data controller will always be Asamm Software, s.r.o., ID No.: 24225321, registered office Krhanická 719/25, Kamýk, 142 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic (hereinafter the “Controller”), which is the provider of the application “Locus Map” (hereinafter the “application“).

The application “Locus Map” contains the following functions which require the processing of personal data:

1) Location data

The application is, by nature, a map navigation. Therefore, it needs to know your base location at the launch to correctly fix and display your base location on the map. Upon the introductory launch, the application will therefore ask your mobile device (hereinafter the “device”) for information about your last known location. Such information about your last known location obtained from your device is processed and stored by us only until the moment when the application will obtain from the device an update of the location data but not later than until the closing of the application on the device.

2) Locus World – user name, e-mail and photo

These data represent for us the basic user data, which we use for the identification of the user and protection of the other personal data. The Locus World function will create a unique user account for you. When you log into the Locus World function in the application through a social network, you grant us consent with the processing of your user name, e-mail address and photo which you use in the relevant social network. We will process these data during the existence of your user account in the Locus World, but not later than until the withdrawal of your consent. Locus World will enable you to use the functions of the application which are described below and which require clear identification of users, such as the Live Tracking and Locus Store.

3) The Live Tracking function – user name and localization data

You may elect as the purpose of processing of your user name and current localization data either a public or private sharing of your geographic position in real time to an unspecified group of other people and saving the record of your previous route in the application. You select between the private and public sharing of your current position in real time directly in the application.

In case of the public sharing of your position, your user name and current geographic position will be publicly displayed to all people joining the Controller's website at the address (hereinafter the “Website”) and in the Locus Map application. The Controller does not block from its side the access to the Website from any countries, including those situated outside the European Union.

On the contrary, if your set up private sharing of your position, your user name and current geographic position will only be displayed to a smaller group of users of the application, who are located in the “room” of the application, which is a set of users of the application connected by means of a unique key known to them. Under the private sharing mode of the position, your position is not displayed on the Website.

For the Live Tracking function, we store the user name for the entire period for which you have installed the application in the device; however, after you close the application in the device, the current location data will be removed without undue delay. The name and location data are only shared in the Live Tracking after the activation of the Live Tracking function in the application and lasts until it is deactivated by you or until you terminate the application in your device. We will inform you of the fact that you have activated the Live Tracking and your name and current location is being shared by displaying rotating arrows in the system bar of your device.

4) Track recording function – health data, age, weight, sex, location

The Track recording function monitors your sports activity. For this purpose, the application analyses your age, weight, sex, body height and pulse, from which it derives by profiling your body mass index and counts calories burnt during your movement. All data recorded by the Locus Tracking function will be saved locally in your device in the relevant application folder and will not be removed by uninstallation of the application.

5) Locus Store function – user name, e-mail address, location data, shopping history

The Locus Store function allows shopping or expansion of the internal functions of the application, such as obtaining further maps. We process these data to be able to clearly identify you for the purpose of expansion of the application and presenting to you more relevant offers in the Locus Store.

By checking the field “I grant consent with the processing of my personal dataat the end of this form, you grant to the Controller voluntary consent with the processing of your personal data for purposes selected by you (hereinafter the “Consent”).

At the same time, you declare that you provide the personal data by yourself on your own behalf freely and voluntarily and are older than 16 years of age. Unless stated otherwise above, your personal data will be stored during the entire existence of this Consent until its withdrawal (if any), unless the legal grounds for their processing terminates otherwise earlier. In certain cases, however, we will be entitled to process your personal data even after the withdrawal of the Consent, e.g. if you purchase any paid content of the application in the Locus Store. In such cases, we will process your personal data – the name and e-mail address – for the period of three years, which corresponds to the period of existence of claims under the purchase contract.

Under the GDPR, you have the right:

  • to withdraw this Consent at any time
  • to obtain from the Controller a confirmation whether the personal data are or are not being processed
  • to obtain access to the personal data and information with regard to:
    • the purpose of their processing
    • categories of the relevant data
    • recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be disclosed, particularly of recipients from third countries outside the European Union and international organizations
    • the scheduled period of storing of the personal data and if undeterminable, the criteria used for the determination of such period
    • the existence of the right to request from the Controller rectification or erasure of the personal data or restriction of their processing or to object against the processing
    • the sources of personal data if not obtained from you
    • information about automated decision-making, including profiling, and to obtain in such cases meaningful information relating to the applied procedure and the meaning and possible consequences of such processing for you as the data subject
    • the existence of appropriate safeguards relating to transfers if the personal data are transferred to a third country outside the European Union or to an international organization
  • not to be the object of any decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which would have any legal effects for you or would otherwise materially affect you, except in cases where such decision would be based on your express consent
  • to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, particularly in the Member State of your usual residence, place of employment or other place where the alleged breach has occurred if you believe that your personal data are processed in conflict with the GDPR, as well as the right to effective judicial protection against a legally binding decision of the supervisory authority
  • to receive compensation from the Controller or from a processor compensation for any material or non-material damage suffered a as a result of an infringement of the GDPR
  • to request a copy of the processed personal data, also in electronic form
  • to request rectification of personal data without undue delay and their supplementing if incomplete, also by providing an additional declaration
  • to request erasure of the personal data without undue delay if
    • they are no longer required for the purposes for which they have been collected
    • you have withdrawn the Consent and there is no other legal reason for the processing of personal data
    • the personal data have been processed unlawfully
    • the personal data must be erased to fulfil a legal obligation under the law
  • to obtain personal data in a structured, commonly used machine-readable format
  • to transfer the personal data to another controller without obstacles, also through the Controller if technically feasible
  • to request restriction of the processing of your personal data if:
    • you contest their accuracy, for the period required for the verification of their accuracy
    • the processing is unlawful and instead of the erasure of the data, you will ask for the restriction of their use
    • the Controller no longer needs the personal data for processing purposes but you request them for the determination, exercise or defence of legal claims
    • you raise an objection against their processing, until it is verified whether the Controller's legitimate interests prevail over your justified reasons

The provision of personal data is based on this Consent.

The Controller advises you hereby that no automated individual decision-making or profiling based on the above-mentioned personal data within the meaning of the GDPR will occur.

Any profiling is only carried out if you use the Locus Store function (for the improvement of commercial offers based on the shopping history in the Locus Store) and the Track Recording function (for the analysis of your BMI and calories burnt during sports activities. The Controller will share your current position and user name in the Live Tracking in line with your Consent and setup of the private or public sharing. Due to the nature of the public sharing in the Live Tracking function, your current position and user name will be on public display for anyone in the world. In all other cases, the Controller will not transfer personal data to any specific entities from third countries as defined in GDPR, or to any international organizations.

You are also entitled to object at any time against the processing of personal data, including any profiling, due to reasons concerning your specific situation. The right to raise an objection at any time on the grounds concerning your specific situation also belongs to you in case of processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, including any related profiling.

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