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OpenStreetsMap Notizen


OSM Notes is a core feature of the website for placing shared notes on the map to assist in mapping/editing OpenStreetMap. It is not intended for general discussion or storing information not otherwise used in OpenStreetMap; for example, “I was here on Saturday” or “There was a crime at this location”. Notes allows for two way communication, with the ability for a mapper to ask for more details if necessary. Although it is not necessary to be logged in to submit (or comment on) a note, it is beneficial to do so. Logged-in users will receive an email if comments are added to a note or the issue is resolved.

1. Display any OSM based map

Actually it is not necessary, the function works above any map data, but if you are willing to edit OSM maps, it is understandable. It is also possible to open another map in overlay mode to compare and for better placement of your new notes.

2. Display OSM Notes

Start OSM Notes function from Menu > More > Notes (OpenStreetMap). The function's dialog window is divided into a few sections:

  • Visibility of items checks/unchecks display of already existing notes and closed notes. This may help to check if the note you want to report is not already published.

It may require zooming your map out to see any notes as there are usually not many of them. The data are loaded from a server when you stop moving with map so it may take a while till they are displayed.

3. Report a new note

  • Report Note - here you can crate a new note. Open Street Map login is optional as you can make notes anonymously but logging in is beneficial as is stated above.
  • Location enables to select location of your note. There are many options how to do so, your GPS position, Screen center, Pick on map etc.
  • Description - insert the note description here and tap Report note.

4. Comment an existing note

  • Tap an existing note on the map, the note information window appears
  • Tap the button in lower left corner
  • Fill in the description field of the pop-up window and tap Comment
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