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Live tracking

  • Menu > More functions > Live tracking

Live tracking feature enables real time monitoring of user's position on map screens of other Locus users or in some third party web-based services.

Public Locus live tracking

This feature monitors position of all other Locus users who have this feature on and displays it on the main map screen. You are able to display also nickname, icon, message, azimuth, speed and other information about monitored users.

When launched for the first time a new profile is created automatically and you are prompted to insert your nickname. That is the name others will identify you by. Then tap Start button.

Using Live tracking feature is subject to logging in My Locus profile. If you have not logged in it since Locus start you will be prompted to do so now.

Status of the Live tracking is displayed in your device's notification bar.

Private Locus live tracking

If you want to monitor and be monitored by a particular group of users (family, friends, colleagues, team mates…), you must define your own live tracking room (or be invited to someone else's).

This feature is available on Live tracking Premium subscription. You will be redirected to Locus Store after selecting to add a new live tracking room.

Adding a new room

  • tap Edit in the action menu of a live tracking profile
  • go to Rooms and tap Manage (or Select)
  • tap in Rooms manager and select Add own
  • change icon, enter name and description of the new room, tap Add.
  • the new room appears under Rooms in the profile settings dialog
  • tap Manage again and then action menu of the new room
  • select Share
  • Locus generates a key that you can share with the members of the room via e-mail, SMS etc. - with this key they can enter your live tracking room.

Accessing a new room

There are two options:

1) when sharing the access key to a room Locus generates also a direct link to it which, if clicked in a device with Locus installed, calls Locus > live tracking > your room.

2) similarly to adding your own room go to the Room manager > > Add by key > insert the key you received

Setting a new Locus live tracking profile

You can maintain several Live tracking profiles at once and use them on different occasions.

  • tap and select Locus live tracking from the submenu
  • Add name of the session (or just leave the “Locus”)
  • the profile appears in the list of live tracking profiles. Tap it to unfold.
  • Insert your nickname under which you want to be identified, you can also insert some message (optionally)
  • Set frequency of updates - the shorter interval, the more accurate your monitoring but the more data and battery it consumes
  • Set notification if you want to be informed when the live tracking requests are not sent for some reason (GPS position loss, unavailable data etc.)
  • Tap START button

All other Locus users who have this feature ON appear on the map screen as icons. Tapping the icon opens a popup with the user's nick, distance from you and his or her elevation. Tapping the popup opens a detail window displaying all available information about the user:

  • location coordinates
  • description - contains the user's message
  • altitude, speed, azimuth, accuracy of his GPS and date/time of his last live tracking request

Live tracking can be stopped either by tapping red STOP or directly in notification bar of your device.

Web services

  • This feature is available in Locus Map Pro only.

This feature enables real time monitoring of Locus Map user's position in selected web-based services. We have pre-set two for you - and an experimental website C-ME.

  1. before using this web service make sure to register to it log in it and go to its live tracking part

  2. go to Discover > Live tracking and find your Live Tracking PIN in Instructions window

  3. launch Live tracking in Locus, tap in the lower right corner and tap GPSies to define a new GPSies Live tracking session
  4. name your new GPSies session or leave just “GPSies”
  5. tap the session in the list and a new dialog appears
  6. insert your GPSies username and GPSies Live Tracking PIN in the “value” fields
  7. optionally you can set the notification section
  8. tap the green START button

Your position begins to display in the map window of Live Tracking service.


Testing web site of one of Locus power users. The procedure of setting C-ME live tracking up is the same as in case of GPSies except login credentials. The instructions can be obtained in this forum >>

Custom live tracking

  • This feature is available in Locus Map Pro only.

All parameters of live tracking feature can be configurable here. The setup is therefore dependent on a particular live tracking service you are attempting to connect to.

The main parameters are:

  • update parameters of time and distance
  • required accuracy
  • base URL

Live tracking data handling:

  • Data methods - POST or GET
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Altitude
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Bearing
  • Time
  • Text field
  • Battery level
  • GSM signal
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