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Locus Store - User Profile

As any other internet shop also Locus Store is associated with the user through a user profile. The profile stores information about user's credit, downloads, purchasing history, and allows to buy LoCoins or use a Voucher. Locus Store is connected to your Google account or Amazon Underground account and all payments are processed through one of these two (even if you downloaded Locus Map from another source).

User Profile Panel

  • Menu > Store > Top bar > User profile button

  • user's Google avatar, name, e-mail and current LoCoins credit
  • Purchase LoCoins - opens offer of LoCoin packets, see LoCoins >>
  • Use Voucher - your credit can be charged also by a voucher that you may receive in various promo actions. Also a particular product can be delivered through a voucher. This is the place where you insert the voucher unique code to get the benefits included. The vouchers are sent via e-mail.
  • Ongoing downloads - opens a list of currently downloaded products
  • Check for updates - list of maps to update
  • My history
    • LoCoins income - history of your LoCoin bundle purchases
    • Locus Store purchases - a list of your previously purchased products
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