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-{{ :manual:user_guide:ic_presets_alt.png?nolink|}} 
-====== Presets ====== 
-Locus Map is a very **universal app** - it can be set for **many various activities**, and not only the leisure time ones -  it can also navigate in car or help professionals collect geo data or locate targets for rescue squads. This versatility and vast range of features, however, has its drawbacks - using Locus for more activities means a lot of re-setting. Speaking of adjustments to your screen layout, changing type of navigation recalculation, switching vector map themes, increasing map resolution etc. 
-**With Presets you can reset whole Locus with two taps.** 
-Using Presets requires some setting in the beginning - above all, we recommend **putting Presets button in the [[manual:user_guide:functions:panel|function panel]]**: 
-{{ :manual:user_guide:settings:presets01.png?nolink |}} 
-===== Pre-defined Presets ===== 
-When tapping Presets for the first time there are **three pre-defined Presets:** 
-{{ :manual:user_guide:settings:presets04.png?nolink |}} 
-  * **1. Default** - contains app settings after the first Locus start with just map centering on\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:settings:presets09.png?nolink |}} 
-  * **2. Cycling** - map rotation on, location cursor moved to lower 1/3 of the screen, map centering on, hike/bike map theme on \\ {{ :manual:user_guide:settings:presets02.png?nolink |}}\\  
-  * **3. car** - map rotation on, location cursor moved, target-priority auto recalculation on, road theme of maps etc.\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:settings:presets03.png?nolink |}}\\  
-**A Preset is activated by tapping it.** 
-===== Adding new Presets ===== 
-If you want to add another Locus Preset, just save your current Locus settings by tapping {{:manual:user_guide:tracks:add.png?nolink&30|}} in the bottom right part of the Preset box. Then just **rename the new preset**. 
-===== Editing Presets  ===== 
-If you are an experienced Locus user you can get to re-setting of the default presets - check "**Advanced mode**" in the topbar. 
-{{ :manual:user_guide:settings:presets05.png?nolink |}} 
-Option to **edit** is activated in each preset action menu: 
-{{ :manual:user_guide:settings:presets06.png?nolink |}} 
-tapping it gets you to the panel of settings switches: 
-{{ :manual:user_guide:settings:presets07.png?nolink |}} 
-By tapping the blue {{:manual:user_guide:ic_edit_alt.png?nolink&30|}}button in the right you get to the preset settings selection menu: 
-{{ :manual:user_guide:settings:presets08.png?nolink |}} 
-<WRAP center round info> 
-Presets run in BETA mode so far and they do not contain all settings options Locus normally offers. There are only the most used preferences that resulted from a user survey. 
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