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-{{ :manual:user_guide:recommend.png?nolink|}} 
-====== Recommend Locus Map ====== 
-If you like using Locus Map for your outdoor activities so much that you would like to share your pleasure with your family or friends, you can simply send them **Locus recommendation**. One successful installation based on your recommendation brings up to **25 [[manual:user_guide:locus_store:locoins|LoCoins]]** (that’s e.g. complete vector offline LoMap of Colorado) to your credit, depends on the Locus Map version the recommended person installs. 25 LC for Pro version, 10 LC for Free version. 
-===== Instructions ===== 
-  * go to the main Menu and tap Recommend Locus Map link 
-  * enter e-mails of your friends to the empty fields and tap Recommend. If you need additional free sockets, you can add them by tapping +. 
-  * addressees will receive invitation e-mails with instructions how to install Locus Map. If they install the app successfully and enter Locus Store on the account with the e-mail you sent your recommendation to, your credit will be increased by the reward. 
-<WRAP center round tip > 
-Locus Map recommendation can be accessed also the other way – **a new offer of free LoCoins** was added to the LoCoin bundles **price list** in your [[manual:user_guide:locus_store:user_profile|user profile]] that can direct you to the recommendation page as well. 
-===== Are recommendations limited? ===== 
-No, the procedure can be repeated any time, you can sent the recommendation to any number of your friends – your LoCoin credit can grow all the time.