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-You have purchased a new mobile or tablet. Follow the instructions how to move Locus into the new device ​and continue using all the data and settings:+You have purchased a new mobile or tablet. Follow the instructions ​on how to move Locus Map, its settings and all its data (maps, tracks, points) safely ​into the new device:
 ===== Instructions ===== ===== Instructions =====
 ==== Step 1. - backup ==== ==== Step 1. - backup ====
-  * make **full backup of your settings, points and tracks** with the help of **[[manual:​user_guide:​tools:​backup|Backup]]** feature > select **Backup all** +=== Make full backup of your settings, pointsand tracks ​===
-  * back up **entire Locus directory** (e.g. //​storage/​emulated/​0/​Locus//​) to a PC or Dropbox etc. +
-  * back up your **[[manual:​user_guide:​maps_external|external maps]] and [[manual:​user_guide:​maps_locusmaps|vector maps]]** stored out of the main Locus directory to a PC or Dropbox etc.+
-==== Step 2- copy data ====+  * open **[[manual:​user_guide:​tools:​backup|Backup manager]]** 
 +  * select **Backup all** 
 +  * **[[manual:​user_guide:​tools:​backup#​backup_sharing|share the backup file]]** to some cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive etc.)
-  * copy the entire Locus directory from PC (Dropbox etc.) to the inner memory of your new device +=== Back up your maps ===
-  * copy your [[manual:​user_guide:​maps_external|external maps]] and [[manual:​user_guide:​maps_locusmaps|vector ​maps]] to the new device (inner memory or external SD) +
-==== Step 3- installation ====+  * open Locus map manager > offline tab 
 +  * **[[manual:​user_guide:​maps_offline#​cloud_storage_setup|backup all maps]]** that could be lost when the app is uninstalled (especially the raster maps purchased from commercial publishers) to **[[manual:​user_guide:​maps_offline#​cloud_storage_setup|Dropbox or Google Drive]]**.
 +<WRAP center round tip>
 +You don't have to back up **[[manual:​user_guide:​maps_locusmaps|LoMaps]]**. These can be re-download from **[[manual:​user_guide:​locus_store:​about|Locus Store]]** for free.
 +==== Step 2. - installation ====
   * install the latest version of Locus Map to the new device   * install the latest version of Locus Map to the new device
   * start Locus Map on your new device   * start Locus Map on your new device
-  ​use **[[manual:​user_guide:​tools:​backup|Backup]]** ​feature to restore settings, points and tracks + 
-  * define paths to your external maps by **Map manager > Add external maps** +==== Step 3. - restore your data ==== 
-  * define path to your vector maps in **Settings > Miscellaneous > Default directories > Set mapsVector** directory+ 
 +  ​open **Dropbox** or **Google Drive** where you backupped the maps and copy the map files to Locus/Maps directory (or wherever else you need - you can [[manual:​user_guide:​maps_external|add them to Locus as externals]]) 
 +  * re-download LoMaps from Locus Store 
 +  * go to **[[manual:​user_guide:​tools:​backup|Backup ​manager]]** and **restore** settings, points and tracks ​from the cloud 
 +  * restart Locus Map so that all the backups are properly re-initialized
 ---- ----
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