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Language & Units


Application language setting. Changing language requires restarting application to take effect. The language list displays also availability of particular languages in percents. Help with translation button in the bottom shortcuts to Locus crowdsourced translation page. If you are interested in Locus development and have proper language skills, you are welcome!

Text-to-speech settings - TTS is useful for guiding and navigation.

  • TTS Engine - list of installed engines and corresponding languages. May require additional Google Play downloads in case your language is not supported.
  • Locus Map - currently set application language.
  • Test phrase - write any phrase to test your TTS setting


Coordinates type - select type of coordinates to display in the top panel:


  • Lat/Lon (WGS) - classic geographic coordinates, the most widespread
  • MGRS - military coordinate system
  • Maidenhead - Maidenhead Locator System
  • UTM - Universal transverse Merkator


  • OS Irish Grid - modified OSGB 1936 used in United Kingdom


  • CH1903/LV03

United Kingdom:

  • OSGB 1936 - British National Grid

For advanced users (surveyors, professionals…) who want to use Locus Map for specific tasks there is option to define custom coordinate systems >>

Lat/Lon format - WGS Latitude/longitude format to display:

  • xx,xxxxx°
  • xx°' - used in geocaching
  • xx°xx'xx.xx“ - the most accurate


Length units - wide choice of default length units to work with in the application:

  • metric - m, km
  • imperial - ft, yd, mi
  • nautical - m, nmi

Area units - select units common in your location

Altitude units - units of height above the sea level - meters or feet

Speed units - select units common in your location - terrestrial or nautical

Angle units - select units you are used to work with

Temperature units - Celsius or Fahrenheit

24-hrs time format - use 24 hour format instead of 12-hour format

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