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 ==== Default directories ==== ==== Default directories ====
-Allows customizing Locus Map default working directories, including ​root directory, maps directory ​etc.\\ <WRAP center round tip> +Allows customizing Locus Map default working directories
-**Recommended ​settings ​for users of external SD cards are [[manual:​faq:​use_sdcard_on_kitkat|HERE >>​]]**+=== Root directory === 
 +It is highly recommended to install and keep Locus root directory ​in your device'​s **inner memory**:\\ {{ :​manual:​user_guide:​settings:​settings_53.png?​nolink |}}Other ways are either **impossible** (external SD card root directory since Android 4.4.2) or you can **lose your data (tracks, points, maps...) upon un(re)install** (external SD card Android-dedicated ​directory
 +=== Working directories === 
 +Beginning with Android 5.0 it is possible to move /​mapsVector/,​ /SRTM/ and /Backup/ directories to external SD card and redefine path to them here:\\ {{ :​manual:​user_guide:​settings:​settings_54.png?​nolink |}} 
 + <WRAP center round tip> 
 +**Recommended ​setup of working directories ​for users of external SD cards are [[manual:​faq:​use_sdcard_on_kitkat|HERE >>​]]**
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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