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Locus Maps Points of Interest

Locus Maps are based on the OpenStreetMap Data and are rendered directly in Locus Map application via MapsForge toolbox. The maps cover the whole World and are available in map packets covering individual states which can be purchased and downloaded solely for offline use.

Database of OpenStreetMap points of interest is an integral part of Locus Maps. In Locus Map it can be displayed not only on maps (actually on any map of an area covered by downloaded Locus Maps) but also as an autonomous database on which several actions can be performed:

  • database browsing - database consists of a structure of folders and subfolders with points of particular categories, e.g. Accomodation, Financial&Post services, Culture&Tourism etc. Each category is sub-divided into subcategories and also contains a special parameter “around” that allows to browse points around current location of user. Selecting a folder highlights all its points on map, selecting a particular point displays its detail info screen and highlights the point on the map as well. All points in folders are always sorted by distance from the map screen center crosshair (or from the user's location if the device is GPS fixed and the map centered).
  • POI search - fulltext search of names and keywords. E.g. keyword “pub” returns all points with “pub” in their name, description or amenity.

It is not possible to import Locus Maps POI. Only highlighted display is allowed.

Locus Maps POI screen

  • Menu > More > Locus Maps POI
  • topbar - contains only a button aborting highlighted display of selected points on map. When a particular folder is selected, the button changes and displays number of points in the folder. Tapping it highlights the points from the folder on the map.
  • Locus Maps file - select a file with POI database. It is identical with the Locus Maps file. It is possible to select one file only.
  • Search - fulltext search of POI. Typing first few characters returns results that can be further precised.
  • list of POI folders and subfolders - Accomodation, Financial&Post services, Culture&Tourism, Public services, Hiking&Cycling, Nature, Emergency&Health, Places of Worship, Food&Drink, Shopping, Sport leisure, Car services, Transportation
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